Clannasaor believes that Scotland and the Scottish people should be free.

When they do act, they are more likely to enact foolish, politically correct legislation - like the Section 28 fiasco - than to address the real concerns of the people who pay their salaries.

We believe that our nation should not be reduced to the status of an impoverished region of the Eurostate. We believe in government on a scale which ordinary people can relate to, not the bloated monstrosity that the European Union is becoming. We believe that immigration policy should reflect the interests of all of Scotland's people - of all races and ethnicities - and not simply serve the cheap-labour agenda of Big Business.

Most of all, we believe that government should exist to do what is best for the Scottish people in every area of policy. The barren ideologies of the 20th century have no meaning in today's Scotland. Left and Right have become a sideshow to divert attention from the fact that the Establishment parties no longer reflect the views of the people. The 21st century can be Scotland's century: a time of national renewal and progress. We can thrive as a modern nation in the global economy without diluting our distinctive culture and heritage. We can accept the good things which the rest of the world has to offer while rejecting the bad... But to make that happen, we need to work together.